When a brand, wanderer at heart, reintroduces and reboots time-tested and popular cuisines, with a touch of imagination, prepare to feast on a burst of flavours. Bhuna Pisa™ does that. By offering new food experiences.

Our curiosity and constant search for the new has led us to a voyage of discovery. We have travelled all across the country to explore different aromas and tastes that have allowed us to put together a delightful blend of flavours. Our conversations with people of various cultures and regions in India during our gastronomic expeditions, have given us a closer peek into our diverse kitchens. And now we have made sure you too will gain from our incredible adventures.

Celebrated chefs make way, a potboiler of delightful proportions is on its way. Now every foodie will have the power to unlimit their food, effortlessly. Bhuna Pisa has the unique ability to offer you a plethora of possibilities while removing effort from your cooking completely, as these are extremely easy dishes to make at home. Prepare your favourites like a mustard fish or Kashmiri Roganjosh with minimum fuss and quickly. Expand your menu options to bowl over your guests with dishes that explore a wide range of ethnic cuisines. Add to the ready to cook food products and instant food items that are part of your delite-creating cupboard.

While the simplicity of the cooking process with numerous instant recipes makes it a joy, the flexibility of your Bhuna Pisa flavours will leave you completely impressed. Mix our Indian pastes with your favourite global cuisine, prepare a Kashmiri curry or a novel Kashmiri spaghetti, a mustard fish or a specially curated mustard burger, and conjure up a whole new world of yumminess. Watch instant food magic happen with easy recipes to make at home, and all without an ace cook to guide you through the steps. Surprise your buddies during your next weekend bash, as you lay out an appetizing spread without a sweat. The convenience does not in any way mean that you will need to compromise on taste, use the flavours to unlimit the delicious possibilities of your food effortlessly.

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  • No added preservatives
  • No artificial ingredients
  • No Added MSG
  • No added Colors
  • Vegetarian

Our Story

Forgotten nooks and corners of amazing India. Disappearing traditional recipes in the contemporary world. Now you can taste all of it from the cushy confines of your home, with the exclusive range of Bhuna Pisa products. Come dive into this exciting journey of dishcovery with us.

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Bring out the foodie in you, as you explore the range of Bhuna Pisa flavours to create a variety of dishes as you unlimit your food, effortlessly. Come aboard this exciting culinary journey!

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